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No Mark-Up Purchasing


No Mark-Up Purchasing

Posted By tresc

Unlike most IT support companies, we choose to not profit from selling to and buying for our clients.  We’ve saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars by finding better equipment at lower prices, and we never charge a markup.

A lot of tech companies make a lot of their money by submitting bids on whole network setups with significant markups.  In once case here in Chattanooga, we saved a company $13,000 over their closest bid, and were able to give them workstations and a server with faster processors and more ram.  In the long run, this was a huge help to them.  Aside from their obvious initial savings, they also were able to work longer and better before needing to replace and upgrade their systems.

We have a variety of sources we search to find you the best equipment, for the lowest price.  In every case, we start by establishing a budget, then working within that budget to find the best possible balance of speed and functionality.

Written by tresc

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