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Virus Protection for Business

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Virus Protection for Business

Posted By tresc

It’s vital that even small businesses maintain consistently updated and effective virus protection.  Some free programs are good, and some pay programs aren’t so good.  Keeping your virus definitions updated is vital, as well as making sure that your Windows and software updates are installed immediately when they become available.  This helps protect you from both hackers and viruses.

For small networked systems with more than 5 machines, we can set up an automated system for you which allows you to manager both your virus protection updates and your software and system updates from one administrator machine.  These processes are all automated, which adds yet another level of protection.  This saves you money and hassle over the long term, because automated systems don’t forget to do updates as so often happens when issues fall between the cracks in busy organizations.

By doing this, we save you money in the long run and protect your vital systems from the failure and intrusions that can happen when outdated system create vulnerabilities.

Written by tresc

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