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Backups For Business


Backups For Business

Posted By tresc

In the hustle and bustle of daily business life it’s easy to forget how important it is to protect your valuable business records from catastrophic loss.  Modern computing systems tend to run great for long periods of time lulling us into a sense of complacency.  When a hard drive fails though, the losses can be devastating to businesses causing huge financial setbacks in income, work flow and total disruption of your business world.  Restoring business records from incomplete backups can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

We give our customers unparalleled peace of mind by setting up redundant, automated backups for them.  It’s important to know that if your backup is connected to your workstation or server when you acquire a virus infection, your backup can also be infected.  Part of our backup system is an integrated, automated backup that automatically powers off, once the backup is complete.  This disconnects the backup from the computer and requires no human intervention.  This means you wont lose data because someone forgets to change a drive after a backup.

We recommend and install redundant on and offsite backup simultaneously.  The offsite backup is the backup of “last resort”, but the onsite backup is required to save you the hours required to download large amounts of data from an offsite data storage service.

Give us a call and let us explain to you how we can save you money, time and help you work without worry.

Written by tresc

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